• West Eden Gallery

    West Eden is located in Bangkok, Thailand and exhibits internationally renowned artists alongside up and coming artists from the local community. The collection focuses on contemporary with an emphasis on art with a purpose. The gallery seeks to help people trust in what they respond to, helping be the bridge between the artist and viewer and Thailand to the world. In addition to helping place international and Thai art with collectors, the gallery will be a pillar of the local creative scene by hosting community shows. The gallery gives the art of today a home.


    Our passion is in creating meaningful relationships between Thailand and the world through art, culture and dialogue. 

  • Private Sales at West Eden

    West Eden’s private sale division works discreetly with clients to buy and sell artwork across all fine art segments as well as haute horology. Clients benefit from West Eden’s extensive domestic and international collector network, combined with our well-appointed space that provides a luxurious experience in which to view potential acquisitions.


    West Eden’s Private Sales division is based in the invitation-only West Eden Loft.

  • The West Eden Shop

    The West Eden Shop offers an exclusive and extensive collection of books, limited edition prints and posters where visitors will be able to find something across all price ranges. The shop will also host small exhibitions of artists from the community who are preparing to enter the ranks of represented artists.