Introducing: Lucas Price

Awe-Inspiring Hyper Realistic Oil on Canvas

West Eden's Private Sale division is excited to announce the aquisition of a new collection of art from the renowed artist, Lucas Price. Price's hyper realistic oil on canvas paintings are so lifelife they are often mistaken for photography or prints.


Viewings in Bangkok are avaliable by appointment.



Lucas Price (b. 1975), also known as Cyclops, creates hyperrealistic paintings that explore the dialogue between objects and languages. He combines images and typography to examine the essential roles language and visuals play in conversation. Inspired by still life paintings, Price revitalises mundane objects such as basketballs, flowers and fire extinguishers with text and typography to encourage viewers to engage. The self-taught artist came to the attention of the art world as a founder of the Burning Candy graffiti group and later completed a formal Masters of Fine Art at the prestigious Royal College of Arts in London. 


Price later appeared in Exit Through the Gift Shop at Banksy’s request and his work appeared at the Tate Modern in 2008. He is revered as a living legend in the UK street art scene, lauded by collectors, critics and fans all over the world.

April 18, 2023