A retrospective: Marco Evaristti’s work demonstrates the important themes behind the outrage he has created. The outrage his work creates stems from the way he subverts the idea of outrageousness, while at the same time he exposes the concept to a multitude of critical viewpoints. His work asks important questions about everyday existence in general as well as in the specific context of institutionalized art at a time when the oceans are rising.

Evaristti's works are included in several important museum collections such as: MAC, Santiago Chile; MONA, Tasmania, Australia; MBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina; The National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba; National Museum of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand; HEART, Herning, Denmark; Trapholt, Modern Art Museum, Kolding, Denmark; Vejle Art Museum, Denmark and The National Museum of Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.